Drama studio Ilirik is a multi-disciplinary studio, which represents drama-therapeutic work, and dialogue renovation between aesthetics and ethics, goodness, truth and theatre and film production beauty. We do not have a permanent repertoire; however we perform performance in block, depending on the momentary needs. The topics we cover are diverse, from religious drama to current social issues, bioethical issues and problems of the individual in terms of dehumanization and alienation. The tendency of each artistic act is a spiritual aspiration of every man for the entire whole of loss or bliss. We do not want to clone imposed trends in drama art but explore and open ways to new ones.
Many people nowadays feel like ''life exiles'' rather than its protagonists. It seems to them that their life is always directed and they easily allow that. Prophetic speech which offers universal access to reality and indicates in affirmative way the exit from defeatism and moral crisis. With the beginning of swear words didactic function of the theatre disappeared. The audience was fed up with imposed trends by ''new European drama" with touch of naturalistic scenes of violence. They have enough of false values presented, superficiality, fragmentation, cheating, and characters´ depersonalization. They have enough of those that will lie that wounds obtained from civilization stresses and fears can be cured with other form of violence. The audience in interaction with artwork seeks catharsis, or cleansing mental area of tension and emotional conflicts.
Art is essentially related to spirituality no matter whether artist is religiously conscious or not. Therefore in Ilirik we think about the scene as the theatrical oratory, the meeting point of the heaven and the earth. An alienated man of the 3rd millennium needs ascetic-affirmative artist to get him back to beauty origin and goodness.
Drama studio Ilirik intercedes on promoting entire humanism and aesthetics of the good. With audience's existential-stage consideration we want to indicate critical thinking about their own identity and the meaning of life.
The 21st century stage produces spectacle, false consciousness and illusion of the meeting separated from values. The spectacle is material expression for ''separation and alienation of a man from another man''.
''The spectacle is ideology par excellence, because it expresses and abundantly manifests essence of all ideological systems: the impoverishment, subjugation and denial of real life'', emphasizes in his book "Društvo spektakla" (trans. The Society of the Spectacle) by Guy Debord''. It is word about self-denial and erasing of boundaries between truth and lie. Someone has to finally confront decadence and say that it's enough of those dirty psychotic dramas of "new brutalism". The role of the theatre is spreading of humanism not violence and destruction of values, as pointed out by theatrologist Kalina Stefanova. Writer and actor dare not be converted to the new ideology toys. The theatre which is subordinated to consumerism is not free. If you are forced to lie to youself and others means you are not free. Postmodern theatre has been deprived from writer, emotions, and God. Good is being replaced with the evil, and the evil is imposed as well. This is not an aesthetic act, because art has its origins in the metaphysical feelings, or in the divine's aesthetic maturation. Beauty is an ontological secret that is carried in things. As the man more culturally rises, the more delight is the shape that spiritualizes him. The mind enjoys the light of being. To prosper means to strive to the Principle, cross from the rational to the spiritual. Art teaches people about the spiritual pleasures. Let it be in drama art too!
Silvana Dragun